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A whopping 91% of plastic is NOT recycled. Billions of tons of plastic have been made over the past decades, and much of it is becoming trash and litter.

Born in NYC and currently living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I am a 10 year old girl pursuing my passion and raising awareness for the problems in our oceans.  I walk the beach and find more and more plastic on each visit.  I want our oceans to stay healthy because I love the water and I want to find shells not plastic.   My mission is to raise awareness about taking lids off of bottles and recycled items so that they get recycled. Many companies go out of business or don't recycle items that have lids attached.  Help me, help these companies stay in business and protect our oceans and planet.  Join us!  The oceans are throwing up PLASTIC!!! Help us, help the planet.


Raise awareness

Know that for plastic bottles, most companies need the cap to be removed and thrown into the garbage instead of the recycling container.

Few companies will ask you to leave the caps on.  While some accept caps, most still want them separated.  

Every municipality has its own rules; so check with yours to see if they want the lid on or off.

We need a common recycling standard not only in the US but also around the world.  It shouldn't be so complicated!

The ring of plastic on the neck of the bottle is ok to leave on the bottle as it gets crushed with the bottle.  

Spread the word.  Practice better habits. 

 Understand that each time we throw away a plastic bottle with the cap on it we are not  helping the environment.  Join the movement and facilitate recycling.

 We all benefit.


Plastic Ocean Project, Big Blue Ocean CleanUp and Heal The Planet

Thank you to, Bigblueoceancleanup  and for recognizing me as a 

Global Ambassador, Ambassador and Young Planet Leader.

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Females In The Natural Sciences Program

I was selected to participate in the Females in Natural Sciences  "FINS" Shark tagging program through the University of Miami this March.  I was lucky to head out for a fun filled day of scientific research and was able to tag two sharks with the team who taught us all so much!  Thank you!


Join us and help the planet!

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